The MAve Approach


With our strong network of contacts and specialist industry knowledge, we can open your brand to new markets. In addition to industry exposure, expect to see your business where it’s never been before – be that TV, a lifestyle blog, podcast, glossy magazine or a national business newspaper.

We create bespoke content to position brands where they need to be, and secure exposure through our extensive network of media and brand influencers. We’ve taken giant technology companies to luxury magazines, niche financial services to mainstream news, sustainable technologies to television and radio, and artisan food producers into the blogosphere.

With specialists in technology, financial services, consumer products, healthcare, sustainability and retail on the MAVE team, we’re passionate about achieving results that position our clients at the forefront of their industry.

Public Relations

Build Your Brand

The media and public relations industry is in a state of constant transformation, yet many PR agencies try to solve new challenges with old school approaches.

Our view is that brands need to continually adapt and adopt an innovative approach to remain relevant, while still maintaining traditional communications principles. We believe it’s important for businesses to be bold, to try new tactics and to be comfortable with a mindset of reinvention in order to stay a step ahead of the competition.

We find the balance between the old and the new. We mesh creativity, strategic-thinking and a dose of good old hard work to develop creative and impactful PR campaigns that get people talking about your brand.

Brand Reputation

We Believe in You

Your brand belongs to you but it‘s defined by the perceptions of others ― your customers, prospects, industry commentators, competitors and even your detractors.

To build a successful brand, you must communicate with authenticity and trust while engaging your target audience. Product reviewers, social media and online community groups, influencers, media, analysts and your customers and prospects – we help you connect with audiences that shape the reputation of your brand.

Content Creation

Tell Your Story

Do you want to ‘raise the roof’ with executive profiling, customer narratives and thought leadership? Or maybe you want to ‘pour the floor’ with sales collateral and marketing tools?

Whatever your requirement, our in-house team of content professionals and network of experienced freelancers will deliver compelling and creative content designed to be noticed. It’s the storytelling that conveys purpose and passion that commands attention from your target audience and encourages loyalty to your brand. 

Influencer Engagement

Winning Hearts

Whether seeking to reach consumers or business customers, influencer engagement plays a role in every communications strategy.

Listed on the ASX? Build a robust engagement plan for financial analysts. Launching the next new technology innovation? Ensure tech analysts are well-briefed ahead of go-to-market deadlines. Developed the latest life-changing widget or app for consumers? Create a social media storm with key influencers speaking authentically and directly to your target audience.

Audiences follow influencers more than they follow brands because they care about their opinions. Tap into the experts and influencers inspiring your audiences to keep your brand top of mind.

Customer Advocacy

Time to Rethink the Testimonial

Happy customers are one of your greatest communication assets. And while your products and services may speak for themselves, a satisfied customer speaks louder.

Smart brands implement strategies to amplify customer successes ― and their customers’ customer successes ― in engaging and informative ways. Whether it’s a press release, joint media interview, written testimonial, customer showcase sales presentation, snackable social media video or long-form video story for an event or your website, the opportunities are endless. And your customers will love you for it too!

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